What we do

We like to think differently and be different and we incorporate that to our traditional and familiar practices of providing no-nonsense, down to earth advice and service.

We provide an advanced and innovative approach towards real estate and how to market, lease and sell property. We also take advantage of the new and progressive marketing platforms and methods, especially in a rapidly growing digital era.

Your property’s value is as good as its management and maintenance.

20 years in the real estate industry has enabled us gain expertise, and trust from our clients. Halifax Estate Agency is the best link between the developers and buyers. The relationships we have built over time have helped create a wealthy pool of ready market for new and available developments.

Coming up with the right balance between finding quality tenants, selling at the right price and giving enough thought is not di cult but neither is it a walk in the park. Our impressive pro le of tenants and buyers and exceptional marketing will get you the best price. We always ensure to advise owners on how best to preserve and improve the value of their properties while enabling them to align price expectations to market levels. The aim is to enable buyers and tenants’ access to good investments and rental opportunities.

Your property’s value is as good as its management and maintenance. Halifax o ers both administrative, maintenance, and management services. These services stretch from the common areas of multi-unit development to the exterior area. The end result is always improved and maintained property value.

  • Preparing budgets
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly statements of accounts
  • Quarterly and yearly preparation of comprehensive reports
  • Administrative building services inclusive of negotiation

If you are looking into property development or investment then you will greatly bene t from the insight of the Halifax professionals. We have an amazing and exemplary team whose reputation precedes. Some of the areas they may offer advice on may include but not limited to;

  • The highest and best use for a particular parcel of land
  • The alternative development options available
  • Project conceptualization
  • Project proposal (particularly where funding is required)
  • Sales and Marketing options available
  • Project Management